Reception (or EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage) is the first year of schooling here at TIMU Academy Trust. 

Our Guiding Principles are:

EYFS - Guiding Principles


EYFS Curriculum

Our curriculum builds throughout the year. We have 12 topic questions which we ask the children at the beginning of each topic. The children’s ideas and prior knowledge inform planning the learning for the rest of the term. New educational research frequently informs changes to our curriculum.

During Nursery transitions, we learn as much as possible about your family culture. We believe celebrating our multicultural and intercultural differences makes us a stronger team, as a community and as a future generation. We build our curriculum around the culture of our families first, then into the community and then learning about the wider world. 

PDF – Our Differences Make Us Stronger

PDF – All About You Questionnaire

Parents and carers help inform our assessment with their observations on our online sharing platform Tapestry.

Pupils are taught phonics, handwriting and maths for mastery, to ensure reading, writing and maths Early Learning Goals are securely in pupil’s long term memory before they leave the EYFS.

The documents below give an overview of learning for each term and provide suggestions as to how you can support your child’s learning and development at home.


Parent Learning

We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with families. We believe the more you know, about this stage of development, the stronger your child will grow.

Look out for our Parent Training Sessions

Look out for dates for our ‘Fun with Phonics’ and ‘Fun with Number blocks’ stay and play sessions, where you can join us in the classroom, watch a lesson and learn ways to teach!

We are dedicated to teaching your child a love of learning that they will carry with them through life. You can learn more about how trust, positive relationships, confidence and strong communication can support your child’s involvement & wellbeing this with these documents.

PDF: Divergent Thinking

PDF: Talk with Trust

PDF: Read with Trust

PDF: Family and Friends 1

PDF: Family and Friends 2

PDF: Family Wellbeing

PDF: Mindfulness

PDF: Parent Book List – Please share your recommendations too!

If you would like to chat to a practitioner about anything you have read, please contact the office.


Children’s Learning

Please find useful resources for you to access from home below


New to TIMU?

Please find our starting school guidance below


Please contact the school office should you have any further questions regarding your child’s start in September. 

Links to support at home

Maths Mastery Games and Resources



The sounds

The Jolly Phonics Song